The Fall (A Prologue)

The light from the candle threw strange shadows across the stone hall as the young woman slowly made her way down the dark hallway. The woman let the fingers from her free hand glide over the cool stones, the key that hung from a large ring around her wrist occasionally making a soft ping as it bounced off the wall, as she softly hummed to herself. This was a routine she had done several times before, even if she was unfamiliar with the area she was currently exploring.

The young woman stopped suddenly when her fingers felt an unexpected groove in the wall. A rush of excitement overwhelmed the woman as she quickly forced open the secret door she had discovered. The blast of cold, clammy air that blew out of the opening did little to decrease her excitement as she quickly stepped into the small room. It was the emptiness of the room that took the wind out of her sails.

She held her candle aloft to better illuminate the room. The walls, floor, and ceiling of the room were made from ceramic, and unfamiliar writing covered much of the surfaces. In the far corner atop a small pedestal, the young woman spotted a small stone coffer.

Her excitement rekindled she almost bounced to the coffer. She set the candle down in the small space next to the coffer and slowly opened. The woman did not notice the menacing shadows that stretched forth from the box. She did not feel the evil that quickly filled the entirety of the room once the coffer was opened. In fact, the young woman felt nothing that hadn’t already been buried deep within her own heart.

The woman carefully closed the coffer and retrieved her candle. She walked out of the small chamber and shut the secret door firmly behind her. She made her way out of the castle vaults and locked the doors behind her, and she returned to her bed. The king still slept soundly as Ileosa quietly slipped beneath the sheets, a plan already formulating in her mind for how she could seize control of the city of Korvosa.

Queen Ileosa died that night, replaced by something much more sinister and much more deadly, though no one would know what happened that night. Indeed, to many of the people of Korvosa it would be a night like any other. For one young girl, however, that would be the night that the answer to her prayers would arrive in the form of a man falling from the sky.

The Fall (A Prologue)

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